Finial course pre-ride complete

We did a pre-ride of the final course this past weekend, and it’s a winner!  Below are a few pics and the two available course options.  I strongly recommend a 32mm or larger tire (CX/gravel type), a 28c road tire would be super sketchy!  You’ve been warned!

56 miles – The full suffering option (three full mountain passes, with 6200ft of climbing)

43 miles – The less suffering option (skips the last mountain pass in favor of a scenic rail-trail along the river back to the farm.)

Registration can be found here: https://www.bikereg.com/keystone-gravel


IMG_9331 IMG_9336 IMG_9338 IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9367

6 thoughts on “Finial course pre-ride complete

  1. Headed up that way this weekend and would like to ride the route, do you have turn by turn directions of the routes yet?

  2. Are you unable to download the files from the links above? I’ll make a new post with a direct download of both courses. –Mark

    1. I am able to access the strava route but I was interested in a queue sheet type directions as well

  3. Sorry Jeremy,

    There isn’t a queue sheet available, it has been very difficult to come up with something accurate because most if not all of the roads are unmarked, plus some of the course isn’t on a road at all. –Mark

    1. Hey Mark, I did most of the route but missed the right hand onto the rail trail and went up to ramsey to cross. Still got a good ride, thanks for the info. That down hill on Callahan was awesome, I can’t see rinding a gravel grinder on it though. I guess with really wide tires it might be doable without smashing a wheel.

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